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CASE STUDY: A permanent dental solution for a mobile tooth.

Jan 27, 2017
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Mobile Tooth

Patient history

A 45 year old male patient presented with mobility of tooth 11. He expressed the need for a permanent solution for this problem.
He had no relevant medical history and, beyond the mobility of tooth 11, his dental history included root canal therapy (RCT) to tooth 11 about 15 years prior.
On examination, it was found that tooth 11 had grade III mobility and there was loss of the labial bone.
A CBCT scan was obtained.


The diagnosis made was the failure of tooth 11 with substantial loss of the labial bone. The prognosis for tooth 11 was poor.


The agreed treatment was:
1. the removal of tooth 11
2. block bone grafting
3. placement of a dental implant in the area of tooth 11.
During the procedure:
1. tooth 11 was removed
2. an autogenous bone block was harvested from the mental region
3. site 11 was grafted with the autogenous block.
Six months later, the dental implant was inserted.


The dental implant had osseointegrated and was withstanding 35 Ncm of torque. The patient was referred back to the restoring dentist for the insertion of a dental crown and was satisfied with the dental solution that had been recommended and performed.